Safe Sharps Program

The Problem

Each year, some 8 million home syringe users administer at least 3 billion injections outside of traditional health care facilities. The vast majority are “at home” injections for diabetes, allergies, arthritis, migraines, HIV and other medical issues.

These needles are then tossed into the public solid waste system – into trash cans, old milk cartons and plastic bottles; flushed down the toilet; or discarded in ways (often unknowingly) that pose the risk of injury or infection to others when containers break open or are mistakenly sent to the wrong facilities. The headlines are filled with stories of janitors, housekeepers and even children who have been seriously injured by discarded needles. Many other workers – those on sorting floors, in recycling lines and landfill operations – are also placed unnecessarily at risk.

Despite the growing problems associated with improper disposal of sharps, there are no consistent regulations or guidelines for their safe disposal.

The Solution

MedSharps will collect and properly dispose of these sharps in a community outreach “Safe Sharps Program.”

Individuals can purchase sharps containers from MedSharps through our mailback program (which includes shipping). Once full, send the canister in the pre-paid package to the MedSharps treatment facility at 17340 Bell North Drive in Selma, and we will dispose of them properly.

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