Tools Included in the Program


Millions of Material Safety Data Sheets in an easy to search, view, print, and organized system. Maintaining site-specific records is a vital OSHA requirement and this tool makes it worry-free.


Every federal regulation at your fingertips. Easily and quickly look up or reference any federal regulation. This tool makes finding and understanding compliance requirements easier and faster.


Find and organize any ICD-9 or ICD-10 code, plus a conversion tool to convert the old ICD-9 codes to the new ICD-10 code format.

Safety Audits

Covering more than 70 different topics, the Compliance Publishing safety audits allows the user to find safety deficiencies before OSHA comes in for an audit.

Safety Plans

Including the four primary safety plans that every facility needs: Exposure Control Plan, Hazard Communication Program, Fire Prevention Program, and Emergency Action Plan. This program allows the user to easily and quickly, create and modify any of these four plans.

BBP Training

Interactive Bloodborne Pathogens Training. All employees whose occupation may expose them to bloodborne pathogens must receive this training prior to assignment and at least annually thereafter.

MedSharps OSHA Request Form

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