Medical Paper shredding and E-Waste Disposal

Many of our MedSharps’ clients also produce paper and
e-waste (computers and hard drives) that require proper disposal.

Our sister company, Marshall Shredding, can provide waste management for you with more than 10 years of zero compromised files under its belt, full HIPAA compliance and one simple price with no long-term contracts.


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Computer, Hard Drive and Other E-Waste Shredding

E-waste, defined as old or discarded computers, consumer electronics, and data files, is growing at a tremendous rate. In fact studies report e-waste has tripled over other municipal waste over the last decade due to constant demand for the most advanced technology.

HIPAA Compliant Document & E-Waste Shredding

MedSharps is delighted to offer the perfect solution. By partnering with our sister company, Marshall Shredding, we can easily dispose of your old electronics and files and free you from the liability of compromised data. Our procedures are fully HIPAA compliant and are guaranteed to solve your e-waste problem quickly and securely.


MedSharps offers Medical Waste Management, Document Shredding and E-Waste Services That Are 100% HIPAA Compliant.

Medical Based E-Waste Shredding Services

With this type of growth, and the importance of staying current with the most advanced medical equipment, it’s no wonder so many medical facilities are searching for a way to remove the clutter.
As a sign of faith in our e-waste shredding service, we offer all of our customers a simple, upfront price with NO long-term contracts. We realize the disposal of e-waste may be unfamiliar to some of our medical partners and are thus willing to let you experience the quality of our service without commitment. That way, you can see and feel the difference of an organized, uncluttered facility yourself and make a decision from there.

For more information on our medical document or e-waste shredding services, we invite you to speak with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives at (844) 800-6981.

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